Fill a washing bowl with hand-hot water and add a couple of generous squirts of thick washing-up liquid. Using a hand cloth or sponge, clean any visible trail dirt or road grime starting with the top tube, saddle post and frame head. Then work down the bike, paying special attention to seams, welds and where components join the frame. Remove any soapy deposits by wiping the frame with a different cloth that’s been rinsed in clean, warm water.

Polishing & Removing scratches

After drying, apply a thin coat of cedar furniture oil then wipe it off until it is very nearly dry and once again your JGuillem frame will be sheening like new. From time to time, carefully inspect your frame for surface scratches or marks. These will gently polish out using a small strip of Scotch-Brite – use Grade A, which is the finest. Simply rub the affected area 'shoe shine style', until that part of the frame has a uniform finish. Initially it may look a little brighter than the rest of the frame but this will fade over time, melding into an overall patina.

Finishing off & Removing fingerprints

If you notice fingerprints these can (and should) be removed by wiping with kitchen towel, lightly doused in acetone or lighter fuel. Once the offending article has gone, apply a good furniture polish like Pledge™, which sprays on and will need a gentle wipe, too. Pledge™ is also good for preventing fingerprints leaving a mark, which can tarnish your frame, and blending in an area where a scratch was removed with Scotch-Brite.

And decals

If you have damaged or dirty decals, you should use acetone or lighter fuel to help remove them. They can be replaced with new ones ordered from this site to make your bike look brand new – make sure you follow the instructions carefully so that they adhere correctly to the frame.