Remember your emotions when you rode a bike for the first time? Without stabilisers or a grown-up's hand to steady the way? Your first steep hill: the deep satisfaction of getting up; the exhilaration hurtling back down? Do you still get a thrill stepping off life's treadmill and into your saddle? Do you look forward to taking in the sights and scents that pass you by; then, later, enjoy re-living those moments with friends?

If you recognise these feelings, the chances are you see life as a gift to be grasped, enjoyed and shared. Not something that merely happens between birth and death. You already understand the inspiration behind the J.Guillem brand. Make time. Find freedom...

Gone Riding


It was Jan-Willem Sintnicolaas' passion for riding that eventually led to him designing bicycles. And 20 years ago, starting from scratch in his garage, he began turning his passion into reality; developing Van Nicholas into a universally respected brand.

In time, Jan left the company and moved with his family from Holland to Mallorca. For its scenery, culture and beautiful climate. But also because of its stunningly smooth, undulating roads so suited to cycling. On which over the spring and summer months, and after thousands of kilometres riding solo as well as with new-found friends, Jan’s passion for designing bikes once more consumed him.

This time, Jan draws from a deeper well of personal experience. This time he’s designing for riders, like him, who want to search and share deeper experiences. This time it is truly personal. A fact reflected in the name of the company. The name by which the Mallorcans know Jan.


Jan is unwavering in his belief that Titanium is the best material with which to build bikes. It's a commitment that’s as strong as the frames he designs.

He will only design with this unique metal. And he will create only one, perfectly-fit-for-purpose bike for each riding style.

A J.Guillem frame is built to provide endless hours of riding pleasure and last a lifetime. Guaranteed by a 100-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. And uniquely, each style of frame is named after a place in Mallorca that is special to Jan, its GPS coordinates etched into the frame. So, one day, you too may find the pleasure he found there.

100 Years Warranty